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What are some books that you have read this year that might interest others?

158 thoughts on “What are some books that you have read this year that might interest others?

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  1. Have you ever been surprised by the abilities of someone you knew? Out of my Mind is about a girl who has to learn how to communicate with others in order to show who she really is.

    I enjoyed reading this book because it showed me that even the most quietest people can prove you wrong.

    I give this book 5 stars because it deals with a realistic topic and shows Melody’s persistence in achieving her goals.


  2. A Snicker of Magic is a delightful read aloud. My son and I are hooked and eager to learn what happened to the magic in the town of Midnight Gulch. And if any of the magic remains…


  3. One of my favorite books to read to my class is -because of Mr. Terupt- I highly recommend it because it shows us the importance of getting to know one another and also the power of forgiveness.


  4. I am just finishing up an amazing book called Pax. It’s a new book and it has to do with some future is stick world, the love between a boy and his pet fox who he had to abandon, and a very strange woman that has come to help him The book has a strange mood, sort of like a dark, but there is also a tenderness and a warmth between the boy and the woman. I have a few chapters left, and I know that I will need some Kleenex. This is a book for advanced fifth grade readers and up legal. But adults will love it too.


  5. Re- reading The BFG before the movie comes out! Curious to see what, if any differences there might be between the movie and book! Can’t wait!!!


  6. I just got the Prophet of Yondwood,it is a good book so far I reccomend it


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